Business concept and goals

Linc is an active owner that supports well-managed Nordic Life Science companies in their development by contributing capital, expertise, experience and networks within each company’s area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation. Investments are made in Nordic, product-oriented companies with global potential.

Linc normally invests SEK 25-250 million in each investment, where the initial entry-level investment is often a relatively small investment and follow-on investments usually make up the largest part of the total amount invested. Linc ensures a meaningful influence by normally being one of the major investors. We value co-ownership from management, employees and other competent and long-term co-investors.

Summary of principles for our investments:

  • Investment interval: SEK 25-250 million
  • Listed and unlisted companies
  • Early stages in pharmaceutical companies and somewhat later in medtech companies
  • Unlimited ownership horizon
  • Focus on self-generated business flow
  • Investments are mainly made in companies with headquarters in the Nordic region