Linc as owner

Linc is an active owner and the ambition is always to strengthen the portfolio companies’ existing operations by contributing expertise, networks and commitment. For many entrepreneurs, who want to find a partner in the development of their company, Linc offers an attractive alternative as our pragmatic attitude and business-oriented approach means that we are an agile and forward-looking sounding board for entrepreneurs, management and co-investors. 

We work focussed and combine entrepreneurship with our access to resources, networks and industrial expertise. We offer our part-owned companies support for the next step in their development in the form of, for example, capital and our national and international network in the world of research, government agencies, colleges and universities.

Linc also contributes to the appointment of a competent board and offers ownership expertise that provides credibility with banks and partners and participates in the recruitment of new strong managements when required.

The ownership of Linc’s portfolio companies are exercised actively, professionally and with a sense of entrepreneurship. The adopted plan for the company is followed up on an ongoing basis in close cooperation between Linc, the management of the company and its board.