Unlisted companies

Animal Probiotics

Animal Probiotics is an animal health company rooted in scientific probiotic research at Lund University. The company is focused on improving animal health through its “OnlyGood-daily animal probiotics” product line which is available for dogs, horses and soon cats as well. Animal Probiotics was founded in 2004 by Clas Löner (Ph.D.) who took over the full collection of probiotic bacteria strains and probiotics research intended for animals from Probi AB, the company behind the successful probiotic health drink Proviva.

For more information, see www.animalprobiotics.com


Cinclus Pharma

Cinclus Pharma is a clinical stage pharma company founded in 2014, developing a drug for the treatment of gastric acid related diseases, also called gastroesophageal reflux diseases (GERD). The company’s lead drug candidate, X842, provides improved management of esophagitis and GERD symptoms which previous blockbuster drugs such as Losec and Nexium have not been able to do. X842 has successfully completed a phase 1 clinical study, and phase 2 studies are planned to start in Q1-2021.

For more information, see www.cincluspharma.com


Epicyt Pharma

Epicyt Pharma is a medical research company founded in 2014 whose research is focused on calcium absorption in the intestine and how this affects bone health. Lack of calcium can lead to calcification of the skeleton and the development of osteoporosis. The company intends to develop drugs that improve bone health in patient groups with reduced calcium uptake in the gut. In preclinical research, the company has identified a bile acid and a fatty acid that combined increase calcium uptake in the gut. Studies show an 8-fold increase calcium uptake.


Gesynta Pharma

Gesynta Pharma develops drugs with anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective effects through mPGES-1 inhibition for a range of indications including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The company’s first clinical candidate, GS-248, recently completed a clinical phase 1 study. GS-248 is a highly potent mPGES-1 inhibitor with excellent drug-like properties in clinical development for microvascular disease. Gesynta also has pre-clinical candidates: GS-659 and GS-073. These are undergoing tests to identify potent and druggable molecules for treatment of diseases characterized by inflammation.

For more information, see www.gesynta.se



nWise was founded in 2008 and runs the platform MMX which is focused on providing solutions enabling “communication for all”. The company offers a wide variety of communication solutions from simple call-centre setup, text telephony and videophone apps, to more advanced solutions for critical emergency calls for people with deafness, hearing loss or deaf-blindness. These can be classified into four main categories: relay services, deafblind communication app, emergency services and total conversation apps.

For more information, see www.nwise.se


Part Production Sweden

Part Production Sweden is an investment company with ownership in Swevet, Resion Medical, Absorbest and Cavis Technologies. Swevet is a provider of medical equipment and consumables for animal health and the veterinarian market, whereas Reison Medical is focused on a wide range of accessories and equipment for the operating room such as tables. Absorbest is a also a medtech company, yet focused on high-performance superabsorbents.  The company’s final holding, Cavis Technologies, is a supplier of cariology care units with a innovative device for enhanced control and safety.



Sciety is an investment syndicate specialised in growth companies in the Life Science sector. The company invests in biotechnology, health tech, ICT in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. Completed investments include Synartro, PharmNovo, Cavis technologies amongst others. Furthermore, Sciety offers a range of services to investors and companies in life science. These include capital raising and value-creating communication for growth companies in life science, and investment news, company valuation and analyses for industry players.

For more information, see www.sciety.se


Sixera Pharma

Sixera Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company that was founded to develop basic research findings into treatments for skin diseases. The founders of the company discovered key genes and the mechanisms regulating skin formation and barrier functions critical for the Netherton syndrome which is a rare genetic disease leading to severe skin inflammation and allergic manifestations. The discovery resulted in the development of a new treatment of the disease which is carried out through a network of academic and industrial collaborations. The new treatment is known as SXR1096.

For more information, see www.sixerapharma.com



Swevet was founded in 2002 is primarily engaged in the sale and distribution of veterinary drugs and equipment in Sweden. The company offers a wide range of products from some of the leading veterinary product manufacturers around the world. These include anaesthesia, autoclaves, feed supplements, gels, gloves, dog and cats supplies, infusion equipment, clinic clothes, collars, muzzles, syringes among others. Products are marketed to customers throughout the country.

For more information, see www.swevet.se




Synartro is a research and development company that develops improved treatments using patented delivery technology combined with existing proven drugs. The preclinical lead program, SYN321, is based on a novel therapy combining diclofenac covalently bound to hyaluronan for the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA), a disease that today leaves up to 50% of patients without adequate pain relief. The company’s initial focus is in knee OA with the potential for further expansion.

For more information, see www.synartro.com